Muting The Noise

  • 290,49 €
  • Airbag Craftworks A2 Chateau Vinyl Solo

Chateau Vinyl offeres a perfectly protected, shock absorbing and cushioned space for 75 x 12inches. Two equal subdivisions that can be divided by a very strong zipper to both sides. This unique feature makes record selecting more comfortable in different club situations.

Each chateau vinyl bag contains the flight condom, an easy, lightweight and highly sustainable solution to protect and extend the life of your chateau vinyl advise to all the flying DJs: don't check-in without!

The puristic chateau vinyl solo version comes without the side pouch and docking station. Less is more - if it´s enough for your needs.

Made in Germany by Airbag Craftworks for the needs of the true vinyl lover. Size: 35 x 34 x 24 cm

290,49 €
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